Gartner 观点:企业内容管理的战略规划路线(Preview)

以下内容翻译自 Gartner 报告”Strategic Road Map for Enterprise Content Management” ,用于同业人员交流学习,请勿用于其他商业用途。

Enterprisesare modernizing their content management infrastructures and applications tosupport digital workplace initiatives better. IT leaders developing a strategicplan for enterprise content management can use this road map to guide theirinvestments.

Key Findings
建立灵活有效的基础设施、业务应用以管理迅速增长的内容,支持数字工作空间建设,这两种需求推动组织考虑部署企业内容管理的战略路线。The need to build agilecost-effective infrastructures and business applications to manage the rapidgrowth of content and to support digital workplace initiatives is drivingorganizations to implement a strategic road map for their enterprise contentmanagement (ECM) initiatives.许多企业有些不成体系的方法和平台满足企业内容管理需求。但这些方法明显不是商业结果导向。Many organizations have fragmentedapproaches and platforms to support their ECM needs. These approaches aretypically not linked to the required business outcomes.提升工作效率和投资回报率的期望要求IT负责人评估收益和内容管理项目。
Increased business expectationsfor improved efficiencies and ROI demand that IT leaders are able to measurethe benefits and justify content management (CM) projects.
Inadequate information governancepolicies and processes are resulting in both increased costs and risks as thevolume of content grows. Businesses need to assume greater responsibilities formanaging their content.
With a stronger focus on the userexperience and employees gaining more influence on technology direction, thereis growing demand for mobile, accessible and intuitive content managementoptions.

Assess and capture the strategicand tactical business objectives to which a solid ECM strategy can contribute.
Identify and categorize thelandscape required to support the ECM strategy. Divide the solution into itsappropriate constituent components: people, process/ governance and technology.
Assess the current CM platformsand applications and identify consolidation opportunities to improve efficienciesand provide better ROI. New cloud-based CM alternatives should be considered.

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